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Obtaining Permit for Making Film or Video in Indonesia

Our very good relationship with the Indonesian government enables us to smooth related procedures essential in ensuring production time.


The intended visa will NOT be issued by Embassy prior to the approval of the application from Ministry of Foreign Affair and Ministry of Justice in Jakarta.

  1. Applicant(s)/leader of the crew should inform the Information Officer in the Consulate about their plan to shoot film in
       Indonesia, at least 3 weeks prior to leaving for the filming.
  2. Applicant(s) should fill in the Forms required for the film shooting procedures.
  3. The Forms after filled in returned to the Information Officer in the Consulate to be examined in ; one or two days at the
  4. The Forms will be sent by the Consulate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Cultural and Tourism
       Affairs c.q. concerned Directorates to be examined.
  5. A clearing house consisting of concerned both Ministries' officials shall convene on Thursday to decide. Note : it takes at
       least one week for the process of obtaining the approval.
  6. If approved, by Monday the next week after the meeting or not more than a week, the Consulate shall receive this
       confirmation along with the information of the type of Visa to be issued by the Consulate. This is then informed to the
  7. After then the applicant(s) can proceed to the process of obtaining Visa.
  8. After the Visa is obtained, a letter from the Information Officer to purvey the applicant(s) for the next procedure in
       Indonesia should be carried by the applicant(s)
  9. The applicant(s) present the letter to the Director of Information and Media - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Deputy of
       Facilitation and Filming Development - Ministry of Cultural and Tourism Affairs, upon their  arrival in Jakarta.
10. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall issue press card(s) and the Ministry of Cultural and Tourism shall issue Affairs
        the permission for film shooting.

Department of Foreign Affairs - Directorate of Information and Media
Jalan Taman Pejambon No. 6 Jakarta - Indonesia, Fax.: +62 21 3857316

Application forms and statement can be requested to Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General office near your area.

Requirements :

1. To fill in the application forms in 6 copies, consists of the following:
      - Curriculum Vitae of the applicant and crew members
      - Purpose of production
      - List of crew members
      - List of equipment, accompanied with statements for re-exporting upon completion of the film
        production in Indonesia
      - Shooting schedule
      - Synopsis /scenario
      - Photocopy of the passports.
2. To complete the application for intended visa.
3. To sign the statement and the application form.

For more information, please feel free to email Bali Satria Film :

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